Stability of equipment and media


One of the major issues surrounding the preservation and conservation of media artworks is assuring the stability of the media and the smooth functioning of the equipment involved. With technology constantly changing and equipment and media often fragile and their materials subject to instability, conservators and curators are frequently faced with the ominous challenge of finding solutions to overcome problems of obsolescence and fragility.


In certain cases, the information on the various preservation and archiving techniques contained in this section should not be viewed as definitive, because technological equipment and supporting devices are in a continuous state of development, with new formats and materials constantly appearing that could have a major effect on established practices. We therefore decided to refrain from giving specific preservation recommendations in this section and instead explain existing trends and strategies, while offering preservation and conservation professionals current information without losing sight of the eventuality of future changes.


This section is comprised of two parts: supporting media and technological components. Based on this division, different strategies will be discussed that deal with conservation, analog media content, digital media content, technological equipment and non-technological equipment.